Issues and Solutions


safe and affordable neighborhoods

Thornton neighborhoods are the heart of our community. We need to prioritize affordable, balanced housing, and safe, clean neighborhoods so that we can maintain and improve our Thornton way of life. And it is important to provide opportunities for the next generation of Thornton residents to stay in the community when they start families of their own.

Diversity is a big part of what makes us Thornton. We can celebrate and protect our diversity by working to create a fair and inclusive community.

And it is critical to support our continued growth in a way that benefits everyone, rather than just a few.


strong and growing economy

Thornton residents are hardworking people. We all deserve more opportunities to earn a good life that allows us to balance job and family responsibilities. To do so, it is important to:

  • Support development and growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Develop a skilled and educated workforce

  • Create, attract and retain employers that offer quality, well-compensated jobs

But we can’t maintain and enhance our economy in Thornton without good governance and fiscal responsibility. Our city council must play a critical role in the responsible management and investment of Thornton’s funds.

accessible and reliable transportation

We must ensure that our transportation services - roads, highways, bridges, buses, trains, bike paths and pedestrian walkways - meet the needs of our community and continue to grow with us. To do so, it is critical that every Thornton resident has equal access to all types of transportation services.

Making sure our neighborhoods are walkable is an important way to help protect the health of Thornton residents, support our local businesses and create a vibrant and engaged community.

And we need to continue to explore new and diverse modes of transportation to help improve the quality of life of our residents and our Thornton community overall.

Quality and Diverse Community Services

Community services should give people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn, grow and lead more active, healthier lives. And they need to reflect and celebrate Thornton's cultural diversity.

We must prioritize community services and gathering places that are inclusive and accessible to all Thornton residents.

It is also important to continue to improve communication about the services available to people in our community.

Greener and Healthier Thornton

Thornton has been blessed with significant natural features and resources and it is critical that we protect them for the health of our residents and community.

We must ensure that our families can access healthy, affordable food. And we can help protect our overall health, wellbeing and quality of life by expanding parks, recreation areas and open spaces.

As our city continues to grow, we need to promote and commit to the use of sustainable environmental development practices.